Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nest of the Dove
I will retire into solitude and there I will listen to what the Lord tells me.

Nest of the Turtledove 
Image of the Heart of Jesus, spouse and faithful friend of our souls.
Solitary, in its nest, the chaste dove in peaceful rest experiences the sweetness: there, kind Jesus, the pure and faithful friend finds in your Sacred Heart the asylum of happiness.

Detaching myself from creatures to look for God, I rest in God Himself...
This is the whole interior life. Leaving everything, I found Everything!
Letaille, Paris

There, recollected and alone, in the bosom of Jesus I lose myself.
Chez Ch. Letaille, Paris
Holy heart of Mary, 
united inseparably to the Heart of Jesus,
pray for us.
There in recollection and solitude in the Heart of Jesus
I lose myself.
hand painted
Be it your only book
Love teaches all things
Happy the friend of the Heart of Jesus.

To greatnes prefer humility,
and you will rest in the Heart
of Jesus.
Basset, Paris

Small album~
Nest of the Turtledove